Kind of Red

by Fawnchopper

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Produced, performed, and written by Myke Lewis
Engineered by Ryan McVeigh, Myke Lewis
Mixed and mastered by Ryan McVeigh


released May 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Fawnchopper Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: An Ode to Napalm
A violent revision, a truth in disguise, your death will amount to a feeding of flies, half-know strangers, gossip, and lies, you need to remember

Sicken, creation, embracing disgust, feeding perversion, masking this lust, inflicting, debasing, defining our trust, you need to remember that I am alive

And everyone is fucking everyone else, and I taste the way your insides smell, and I hear the sound of fluorescent lights, and all of my friends are spy satellites, and I seem to think that you’ll love me back, but I don’t see love, only attack, and nothing is very much fun, so give it to me.

Fade in, fade out
Track Name: Of Human Bondage
Revenge disguised as stillness, readily defeated, and you defeat so easily, smiles and sunshine you’d never guess what lay beneath
Bite, divide, and smother, the passion slows and you just keep on playing dead, you’re just another number and I know whom you’re beneath
Giving blood to combat, fighting blind, everyone but you, tension dictates action, pay no mind
Carving up the pieces of what used to be mine, this hostility feels so fucking good, you brought this on yourself, so stop your crying

Fake it

I warned you
I need you
I leave you
I warned you
Track Name: Rorschach
You, so pure, perfection and clean
You build me into god, obscene
You know something you’re not saying
You know something

You save me, never fake-believe
You never lie, cheat, or steal where we can see it
You know something you’re not saying
You know something

You make me beautiful, we never rot
You won’t leave, deceive, or use me to get what you want
You know something you’re not saying
You know something

No one’s lying if we’re all lying
No one’s breaking if we’re all broken
No one’s sick if we’re all sick
If we all lie in the same way then
No one’s being lied to
You’re not being lied to
No one’s being lied to
You’re not being fucked with (still you believe)
Track Name: God of War
We accelerate, you always want what I’m trying to hide
Blood, broken fingernails, bruised legs, and cumming inside
You’re everything I wish you weren’t and nothing makes me hate you more
Peeling back the skin, I know what you’re looking for

Began when it shouldn’t have, you asked me I didn’t ask you
You’re evil was a turn on and I was crazy for you
I’ll make you greater than you are, into something I adore
Digging up the dirt, I know what you’re looking for

Beautiful and meaningful and bloody is the way we fall
Buried in abuse and thrill at the sound of it all
That which does not kill us keeps us longing for more
Picking at the scab, I know what you’re looking for

Even at your worst, you always know just what to do
Bury you in headlights, let it happen, let me happen to you
Eviscerate the daylight in your eyes, you’ve got nothing to say on your knees in the headlights, you’re so beautiful, you like it this way

And I used to be such a nice boy
Track Name: Isolationism
Force it in the way you smile, hold me down just for a while, make my pain why you remain, so take me and…
Pave the way to invade me, you create a new taxonomy and history repeats in me, so use me and…
Shut your eyes to compromise, bleeds this life till it runs dry, force of will I need this still, so kill me and…

It’s hard to see things clearly when you’re done inventing and apathy has had its say, perfecting isolation, surviving disconnect, don’t try and burn that bridge all by yourself
Track Name: Killing a Rapist
Fuck me, inside me, deface me, no reset, eat me, then pass me, no defense, your weakness

Fuck me, inside me, you leave me, no reset, kill me, destroy me, no defense, your weakness

Now you’re a part of me, the part I like to bleed, and no one knows that you’re dead like me, try to justify the pain behind your eyes and you’re dead like me

You create this why deny all you are destroy I
Track Name: Kill This Melody
I collapse and implode, invent a new level of alone, we could make this sex so ugly and mean, who wouldn’t want your breath on their neck?

Your hatred is so beautiful, you’re the prettiest girl in the world, can you feed me because I’m needing you, who wouldn’t want their hands ‘round your neck?

So sing to me please, sing me to sleep, I don’t wan to die alone, want to die alone?
Stay with me please, bound to me, I don’t want to die alone, want to die alone?

Kill this Melody, kill this thing in me, kill and I’ll do anything for you
Kill this need in me to see you bleed for me, kill and I’ll do anything for you

Kill this Melody
Track Name: Maximizing Survival Time Inside the Event Horizon of a Black Hole
I have seen my own death among the blackened ruins where the bodies lie and mirrored towers gleaming in the hellfire of the sun, I have seen
The end is nigh, torment’s sweet siren song, my soul decays and spreads like ashes on the winds, I have seen
An empire built on the lies of lesser men, burning eternal in the endless night, no one left to see, but I have seen

Every dream
Every failure
Every consequence
Now meaningless

Dust become dust become dust become dust
Track Name: House of Leaves
The need it terrifies, I’m drowning, and so I shut my eyes and wait

Can’t leave this behind without you, and so I wave goodbye without you

The pain behind your eyes, reflecting, belief it terrifies, selective
Disregarding truth, I’m breaking, it all comes down to you, escaping as I am
Somehow you’ve divided me by zero

It breeds insanity, this faith a house of leaves defiant in the wind, I know that I can’t win